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Aidan Turner teases Poldark ‘could go on for five series’
Poldark has become the most unexpected television sensations of 2015 becoming an enormous overnight success for the BBC. The UK has gone Poldark bonkers for Aidan Turner and his six-pack and he believes there’s A LOT more to come from the rugged Captain Ross.

Based on the Winston Graham book series of the same name, the future of the mining entrepreneur and his wife Demelza is already written. So with the BBC pulling in enormous figures for the period drama, it’s probably a safe bet that we’ve got another series or five to come.

“It’s popular now, we are all behind it, but it is impossible to predict these things. If it does continue, the books are there,” the hunky actor told

“In the first series we covered the first two novels and there’s 12 in total. Winston [Graham] has given us the stories. I think it could maybe go on for four or five series.”

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Finally back, I’ve added the captures of Poldark’s episode 7; soon I will post the ones from the last episode of the season; remember Poldark has been renewed for a second season.

Gallery Link:
Career > Television Productions > 2015 – Poldark > Season 1 > Episode Captures > 1.07


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Just letting you all know I will be away for a week, in that period of time the site won’t be updated, but as soon as I return on Sunday 26th I will collect all the missing news and post them.

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Although I announced it on twitter, I didn’t make a proper post for it on the site, that’s why I’m announcing along with the adding of Poldark’s sixth episode HD captures to the gallery, you also have the HD captures for the fifth one.

Gallery Links:
Career > Television Productions > 2015 – Poldark > Season 1 > Episode Captures > 1.05
Career > Television Productions > 2015 – Poldark > Season 1 > Episode Captures > 1.06


I’ve added some Blu-Ray captures of The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies to the gallery.

Gallery Link:
Career > Film Productions > 2012/2014 – The Hobbit Trilogy > 2014 – The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies > Film Captures


BBC One just twitted that ‘Poldark’ has been commissioned for a second season