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I’ve added a brand new photoshoot to the gallery. Honestly, I love it.

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Aidan appears on the magazine ‘shortlist’ featuring a brand new photoshoot, which by the way, I don’t know you guys, but I love it.

Two big things have happened this year. There’s been a general election. And Aidan Turner did some topless scything in Poldark. The latter has been more talked about. Yes, the rock’n’roll vampire from Being Human at last had his big breakthrough as the lead in Poldark, the biggest thing in Sunday night quality drama sinceDownton Abbey. Seven million viewers an episode. Critical acclaim. And after the scything episode, a genuine cause célèbre. In modern parlance, that sh*t went viral. Millions of women fell for Mr Turner, and weren’t shy of writing about it. Millions of men moaned. His hair got its own Twitter account. Ed Miliband’s face was Photoshopped on to Turner’s body for a centrefold in theEvening Standard. Chris Evans took his top off on The One Show to recreate the scene. Things got ugly.

So how has it been for the actor at the centre of it all? Aidan Turner came over from Dublin for a ShortList shoot and told us about life at the centre of a lust hurricane. And, yes, he is charming and chatty and cool and, oh, just stop it.

Did you think Poldark would be such a hit?
When you’re galloping across the moors on your horse you don’t feel like one day there’s going to be seven million people watching. I had no idea it was going to be received quite so well. I knew we had done a great show and I was proud of it, but I didn’t know it would reach the mark that it did. So we’re delighted. It has a US release in a month, so we’re all excited.

How has the popularity manifested itself from your perspective?
I tend to not read… well, that’s my party line anyway, that I don’t read press. But it’s hard because anywhere you go, you walk into a newsagent or a supermarket and you see that scything shot, with my top off. So that’s weird. But nothing else has changed. There’s a bit of activity with work, there’s more scripts coming in and for the first time ever I feel like I’m in a real position of choice. I live in Dublin, where I don’t get hassled, which is really nice. It changes slightly in London, but in Dublin I slip under the radar.

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A few loose ends were left unresolved at Poldark’s end. Here we address some of the burning questions left unanswered.
1. Is Mr Pascoe a wolf in sheep’s clothing?
The prevailing world-view in Poldark is that all bankers are evil. Unless you’re a beggar or a lardy old country squire drowning in generations of accumulated debt, you barely merit a civil word. Warleggan (Jack Farthing), of course, encapsulates this point. But what about nice Mr Pascoe (Richard Hope), who’s just secured Ross (Aidan Turner) the capital he needs to start again, although at a wincingly Wonga-esque interest rate? Whether he’ll prove a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or an angel of mercy, could turn out to be one of the big themes next time round.

2. Is Ross doomed to always be on the wrong side of fate?
Even when he’s not being a maverick, Ross always seems to loose out. Why else when, with cash and good will from the finest folk in the district, could he still not outmanoeuvre those wily Warleggans? Even when Mother Nature played a hand, sending a ship to founder on the rocks, it’s Ross who ends up bearing the blame. As for the tragedy wrought by the “putrid throat” the less said the better; but he’s still got the lovely Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson). We say: the jury’s still out on his relationship with fate, for now.

3. Can Demelza really be as steadfastly loyal as she appears?
Orchestrating elopements, defusing Ross’s disasters, nursing undeserving relatives back from death’s door – so far it’s all give, give, give for Demelza. But at what an enormous cost to herself and her dear departed daughter. Surely, this tragedy will leave its mark on her and make her see the world through more selfish eyes. Certainly that’s the rumour; that, angel though she is, her head’s turned by a handsome stranger next time round.

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Q: Was there a weight of expectation given the phenomenal success of the original Poldark ? 

A: I guess in some ways there was. I was obviously very aware of the 70s version when I took on the role and that the show had been a success but as a performer you need to get those things out of your head. It’s not really that useful when you walk on to set and you start thinking, “Oh my God, 40 years ago they got 15 million viewers. How are we going to do it?”

Q: What’s it been like to play Ross Poldark, a character that people swoon over?

A: I was hoping [the show] would find an audience but it seems to have almost this mass appeal and covered demographics that I didn’t think it would cover. It’s got a really young audience and it blows up on Twitter every time it comes out on Sunday night. [Laughs] I bumped into one of the directors of the series and he said, “You know your Ross Poldark hair has its own Twitter account?” At that point it’s getting bonkers! With the heart-throbby thing, there was a certain photograph that’s got around the British press quite a bit and it’s a picture of me behind the scenes holding a scythe [topless] and being painted with something. There were a few weeks where I could walk in to a newsagent and see myself topless on pretty much all of the tabloids. That was a bit odd.

Q: Why do you think this story and particularly this character have been so popular?

A: For me it goes back to [author] Winston Graham’s writing. The stories have been around now over 40 years and I think there obviously is a reason they’ve stuck around. It’s a testament to good writing all the time. That on top of Winston’s ideas I think just really makes for a really great show. We cover some of the topics that will never get old, stories of love and friendship and rivalry.

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It looks like ‘Poldark’ could last for five seasons…

Aidan Turner fans can rest easy as the Irish heartthrob will appear our TV screens for a further 5 series.
Although the BBC hit show ended on Sunday, Season two is already commissioned with an eagerly awaiting audience.
BBC boss Ben Stephenson has revealed that right now it looks like all 12 novels could be adapted for the channel.

Season two will be airing early 2016, however the fans of the show have took to twitter to express their disappointment of the wait.
Others praised the Dublin actor for his shirtless scything and praised the chemistry between Aidan and his onscreen love interest Eleanor Tomlinson.

“If you Aidan and the brilliant lovely Eleanor do not scoop every gong going then something is badly wrong” one fan tweeted.
Aidan recently admitted “Eleanor is a dream. She started when she was 12, so shes very experienced. We got on great- I cant imagine if we didn’t how hard that would be”.

“We worked very well together and had fun shooting scenes- her journey is huge she’s going through so much,” he added.
The final episode of the hit BBC drama brought in an audience of 5.7 million viewers.



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