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Welcome to Aidan Turner Online, your one & only fan resource for the talented Irish actor Aidan Turner. Aidan is best known for his role as Tolkien dwarf, Kili on The Hobbit Trilogy. Established in 2009, we here at Aidan Turner Online have strived to give Aidan fans from around the world the latest news, photos and more on Mr. Turner. So be sure to bookmark us for all of your Aidan needs. Thanks for visiting!

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Lovers of sweeping, romantic sagas will delight at the latest Masterpiece presentation, which takes viewers back to the late 1700s following the American Revolutionary War. Ross Poldark, an officer in the British army, returns home to his family estates in Cornwall to discover that, not only was he presumed dead, but his father has died, the woman he loves is marrying his cousin, and he has a mountain of debts and no obvious way to raise the funds.

Based on the series of 12 novels by Winston Graham, Poldark stars Aidan Turner in the title role. As the heroic Poldark, he vows to sets things to right even as the odds seem insurmountable. And he doesn’t want to succeed out of some sense of upper-class pride, but for the people of Cornwall who have fallen on hard times.

“Coming off the back of The Hobbit in New Zealand, it seemed perfect for me,” Turner tells Paste. “He’s a character that I really related to immediately. His moral compass is so in the right place. He’s fair. He’s honest. He has a real sense of integrity, but he also slips between the classes. He’s well-respected and he’s the hero of the working-class generation in Cornwall, but he’s also respected among the gentry and the aristocracy, so he’s quite an enigma.”

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Find out about the making of Poldark as star Aidan Turner (Ross Poldark) talks filming, fans, and favorite scenes in an exclusive interview with MASTERPIECE. Saddle up and swoon and let Aidan Turner take you behind the scenes! #PoldarkPBS

On Location…with Faithful Fans
“I did have a couple of Hobbit and Being Human fans showing up. One girl found me at the side of a cliff—I don’t know how she did this—she flew from Holland that morning and, in like the remotest part of the UK on the side of a cliff, she found me, and I was like how on earth did you get here?! It was insane! There were a lot of those mental moments, where fans would find us.”

High Horse: Riding
“I love riding. Those days were some of my favorite because it felt like the whole story came together when you’re out on the moors just galloping around and you’re doing what Ross does. And it all makes sense and it all feels very earthy and grounded and real and active.

The horse tends to respond, too. They’re such smart animals, incredibly sensitive and emotional, so it’s funny how that would play out a lot of the time. Sometimes you’re in a scene and you might be shouting at somebody and the horse [Seamus] will get quite tetchy and he’ll feel it and won’t calm down. The horse would get worked up with you. We had to use different words, different code words for “action” on set, because Seamus knew “action” meant “go,” so he would just take off when he heard it, all the time. Sometimes it might be “action” and I’d have to take ten beats and then come into the scene for whatever reason, a panning camera move or something, but if he heard that, he’d be off, so we’d have to change words up.

Sometimes it would be my name, sometimes it would be my character’s name. And we couldn’t show him the clapper board, because if he heard the clapper board clap loud, he’d take off. That was a nightmare at the beginning, because I was getting used to Seamus. And then it very quickly became something I absolutely loved because he is so sensitive. You just needed to think something, and he would think the same thing and react the same way, so it became a really strong relationship.”

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Could we tell the writer of this article that it’s Aidan, with an ‘a’, please? :)

Aiden Turners’ spell as Ross Poldark in the series of the same name would have been a delight to the character’s creator, his son has said.

Andrew Graham said his father Winston, who disliked some of the adaptations for the 1970s version, said Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson, who played Demelza, would have been a particular hit.

“Demelza is such an exceptional part who goes from being an urchin to a very sparkly talented, enthusiastic, charming woman and the actress Eleanor Tomlinson is just brilliant. As for Aidan Turner, I don’t need to say any more.”

He said that his father’s reaction would be completely different from that of the original 1970s series, where his father detested the way Demelza was portrayed.


Aidan attended a ‘Poldark’ Q&A held at Appel Store in Soho on June 18th (sorry for the delay)

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Public Events > Events In 2015 > June 18: Apple Store Soho Presents Meet The Actor: Aidan Turner, “Poldark”

The popular British period-romance series “Poldark” comes to America this summer on PBS. HuffPost Live talks to the show’s star Aidan Turner about the reboot and what fans can expect.

Irish actor Aidan Turner stars in new series ‘Poldark’
Many will recognize actor Aidan Turner as the heartthrob dwarf, Kili, in “The Hobbit” trilogy, and now, he stars in the upcoming TV series “Poldark” about a British army officer who returns home after the American Revolutionary War after being presumed dead

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About Aidan Turner

Aidan Turner was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1983. After graduating from the Gaiety School of Acting in 2004, Aidan appeared in a number of stage productions, many with Ireland's national theatre, The Abbey. Such productions included The Plough & The Stars, Romeo & Juliet and A Cry from Heaven. In 2008, Turner made the transition to movies and television with a lead role in the film Alarm and a co-starring role in the popular Irish TV drama The Clinic. In 2009, Turner moved to the UK to take on a starring role in BBC's acclaimed Being Human. Aidan played the spellbinding "Mitchell" for 3 seasons during which time he also starred in BBC's Desperate Romantics and BBC's top rated TV movie Hattie. In 2011, famed director Peter Jackson cast Turner in the role of Kili in JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit. The highly successful movie trilogy filmed for approximately two years in New Zealand during which time Aidan also starred in Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments.