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Name: Aidan Turner
Date of birth: 19 June 1983
From: Dublin, Ireland
Eyes: Brown
Eyes: Dark

• Aidan grew up in Clondalkin, South Dublin, Ireland.
• Attended the Gaiety School of Acting in the Temple Bar area of Dublin, Ireland. He graduated in 2004.
• Has stated that he doesn’t ardently watch any television show. In fact, in 2011, Aidan mentioned that he had never seen an episode of “Doctor Who”!
• Said he would love to play Napoleon, but admits defeat that he’s “probably too tall.” He’s also said that he’d love to play the Irish boxer, Barry McGuigan, although “I look nothing like him. He’s tiny and he’s got this funny ‘tache and looks very Irish and I don’t.”
• Didn’t realise he wanted to become an actor until he was already enrolled at university. After signing up for a part-time acting course, he followed it with a full-time acting class, then eventually he went to drama school: The Gaiety School of Acting.
• As a kid, loved Steven Spielberg movies, but now enjoys the likes of Danny Boyle. Aidan is also a professed fan of Irish directors, Jim Sheridan, and Neil Jordan.
• Has declared that he’s “not an extravagant person” and that there “are more important things than money right now.” That said, it seems he likes taking care of others: Aidan once brought his cousin to Disney World.
• Although he’s not a big money-spender, he does like travelling.
• Despite playing a vampire on TV, Aidan is does not at all believe in the supernatural.
• In January 2011, when asked what dead celebrity he’d like to talk to, he answered JRR Tolkien, author of The Hobbit. “’ve got a couple of questions I’d like to ask him right now,” he said.
• It was Aidan’s idea to shoot the final scene of the third series “Being Human” finale on the last day.
• When “Being Human” was being shot in Bristol, the three leads – Aidan, Russell, and Lenora – lived in flats next to each other. They would go to Lenora’s to eat, Russell’s to watch TV, and Aidan’s to relax and listen to music.