Being Human – Season 2 Promoshoot (HQ)

Massive thanks to the lovely Kaci Elizabeth for these – we now have 9 new high quality promoshoots of Aidan Turner from Season 2 of Being Human. Head over to our gallery to check them out!

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Three “Being Human” Episode Stills Added

Jun 17 • by Kristina • 2 CommentsBeing Human, Gallery

I’ve added three HQ “Being Human” episode stills to the gallery that weren’t previously available. They’re from the first series. Additionally, I’ve revamped Aidan Turner Online’s career portion of the site, which now includes a list of stage productions Aidan’s been involved with and detailed information on his film and TV history. Specifically, there’s a comprehensive episode guide for “Being Human,” and I’ll be working on adding quotes in the coming days. Enjoy!

‘Being Human’ Creator Toby On The Finale

Apr 10 • by Vicki • 3 CommentsArticles & Interviews, Being Human

U.K. fans figured Aidan Turner’s bloodsucker Mitchell wasn’t long for the show the second Peter Jackson cast the actor in The Hobbit. But did they also assume he wasn’t long for the world? Perhaps… primarily because the majority of this current season centered on a prophecy that Mitchell (who murdered 20 people on a Bristol train) would be slain by a werewolf — the knowledge of which sent him spiraling from a determined hero to paranoid lunatic. Not even the love of a good woman — or ghost, i.e. Lenora Crichlow’s Annie — could save him. (If you haven’t seen the final episode, it’s probably best to stop reading now. Spoilers ahead!)

Yet, Mitchell’s mercy killing at the hands of wolf-buddy George (Russell Tovey) in Saturday’s finale still hurt. Bad. Maybe it was all the tears and “I love yous” between the pair and flatmate Annie, or that new evil vampire Wyndam (Lee Ingleby) popped up at the last minute to unsuccessfully keep Mitchell alive as his henchman. Either way, it was brutal watching one of the roomies, literally, turn to dust in the wind — so EW called Being Human creator/executive producer Toby Whithouse to talk about why Mitchell couldn’t have just retired to South America, if we can expect new vamps in his place, and what could have happened if he lived.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When did you know you were going have to write Mitchell out of the show?
TOBY MITCHELL: To be honest, the first time I met Aidan. I knew he was somebody we’d only be borrowing from movie stardom. In the U.S. you’ll contract actors for seven seasons — we don’t have the finances to do that. So every time we start a new series, we have to renegotiate with the actors and see whom we have left. Sure enough, Peter Jackson came along and saw Aidan and whisked him away to New Zealand. The thing is, I was kind of preparing myself for that on series 2 when I wrote the sequence where he kills all those people on the train. I always knew that would ultimately be the reason for the character’s exit, whether it happened at the end of series 3 or 33.


Being Human: The Wolf-Shaped Bullet

Mar 15 • by Vicki • 4 CommentsBeing Human, Gallery

I have added screencaps from the final episode of series 3, really wasn’t expecting that ending, it had me in tears.

Home > Television Productions > Being Human (2009-2011) > Series 3 > The Wolf-Shaped Bullet

‘Being Human’ Creator Praises Turner

Mar 14 • by Vicki • No CommentsArticles & Interviews, Being Human

Being Human creator Toby Whithouse has revealed that it was at Aidan Turner’s request for John Mitchell to be killed off.

Viewers saw the vampire die in the finale episode of the third series of the hit BBC Three show last night. Writing on the show’s official website last night, Whithouse admitted that he had always known he would have to lose one of his cast members.

“From the first moment we met Aidan, we knew we were really only borrowing him from global superstardom. The same goes for all our cast,” he said. “You can’t have actors as good as Aidan and Russell [Tovey] and Lenora [Crichlow] and Sinead [Keenan] and Jason [Segel] and not expect someone else to notice.

“I guess it really hit me back when we were doing series two, and perhaps unconsciously I shifted the stories in a way that paved Mitchell’s exit. I thought it’d be better to have him go out in a scripted satisfying way, rather than lose him between series and open up with the rest of our heroes standing over a grave, with one of them saying ‘Wow, who’d have guessed Mitchell was SO allergic to bee stings…’

READ MORE @ Digital Spy.

BBC Three To Air ‘Being Human’ Spinoff

Mar 9 • by Vicki • No CommentsArticles & Interviews, Being Human

The BBC has confirmed that an online Being Human spinoff will air on BBC Three.

Eight-part series Becoming Human continues the story of vampire Adam (Craig Roberts) as he attends college and meets werewolf Christa (Leila Mimmack) and the ghostly Matt (Josh Brown).

The entire run will now be transmitted as a 50-minute compilation special on Sunday, March 20, a week after the third series of Being Human concludes its run.

“We were delighted when Becoming Human found such a loyal and enthusiastic audience online,” said creator Toby Whithouse. “The reaction was beyond our most optimistic dreams. And so for the BBC to give us this opportunity to share the show with a wider audience is fantastic news.”

Craig Roberts previously told DS that he is “definitely” interested in filming a potential second series of the spinoff.

Source: Digital Spy.

Being Human: Daddy Ghoul

Feb 28 • by Vicki • 1 Comment »Being Human, Gallery

I have added screencaps from episode 6.

Home > Television Productions > Being Human (2009-2011) > Series 3 > Daddy Ghoul

Being Human: The Longest Day

Feb 21 • by Vicki • 2 CommentsBeing Human, Gallery

I have added screencaps from episode 5.

Home > Television Productions > Being Human (2009-2011) > Series 3 > The Longest Day

Being Human: The Pack

Feb 14 • by Vicki • No CommentsBeing Human, Gallery

I have added screencaps from episode 4. Best ever episode yet!

Home > Television Productions > Being Human (2009-2011) > Series 3 > The Pack

Being Human: Type 4

Feb 7 • by Vicki • No CommentsBeing Human, Gallery

I have added screencaps from episode 3.

Home > Television Productions > Being Human (2009-2011) > Series 3 > Type 4

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