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Feb 25, 14   Ray   Being Human, Images, Site Updates 0 Comments

Massive thanks to the lovely Kaci Elizabeth for these – we now have 9 new high quality promoshoots of Aidan Turner from Season 2 of Being Human. Head over to our gallery to check them out!

Jun 17, 12   Kristina   Being Human, Images 2 comment

I’ve added three HQ “Being Human” episode stills to the gallery that weren’t previously available. They’re from the first series. Additionally, I’ve revamped Aidan Turner Online’s career portion of the site, which now includes a list of stage productions Aidan’s been involved with and detailed information on his film and TV history. Specifically, there’s a […]

Apr 10, 11   Vicki   Being Human, Interviews 3 comment

U.K. fans figured Aidan Turner’s bloodsucker Mitchell wasn’t long for the show the second Peter Jackson cast the actor in The Hobbit. But did they also assume he wasn’t long for the world? Perhaps… primarily because the majority of this current season centered on a prophecy that Mitchell (who murdered 20 people on a Bristol […]

Mar 14, 11   Vicki   Being Human, Interviews 0 Comments

Being Human creator Toby Whithouse has revealed that it was at Aidan Turner’s request for John Mitchell to be killed off. Viewers saw the vampire die in the finale episode of the third series of the hit BBC better to have him go out in a scripted satisfying way, rather than lose him between series […]

Mar 09, 11   Vicki   Being Human, Interviews 0 Comments

The BBC has confirmed that an online Being Human spinoff will air on BBC Three. Eight-part series Becoming Human continues the story of vampire Adam (Craig Roberts) as he attends college and meets werewolf Christa (Leila Mimmack) and the ghostly Matt (Josh Brown). The entire run will now be transmitted as a 50-minute compilation special […]

Jan 27, 11   Vicki   Being Human, Images 0 Comments

I have added 2 new HQ’s. Home > Television Productions > Being Human (2009-2011) > Series 3 > Promotional Home > Television Productions > Being Human (2009-2011) > Series 3 > Episode Stills