I bet some of you didn’t know all about Aidan. Let’s see how many did you already know from the list

Find out more about the hunky Irishman

When Poldark made its anticipated return to our screens all eyes were on the show’s leading man, Aidan Turner.

And it’s no wonder. The handsome Irish actor managed to breathe new life in to the iconic role of Captain Ross Poldark and has been praised by fans and critics alike.

But how much do you know about the man that plays him?

1. Think you recognise Aidan? You’d be right. The 31-year-old actor has had leading man potential ever since his double breakthrough in 2009 as tormented vampire Mitchell in BBC3 comedy-drama Being Human, and as Dante Gabriel Rossetti in BBC2’s Desperate Romantics. He later starred in TV biopic Hattie, before taking on the role of Kili the dwarf in The Hobbit film trilogy.

2. He may have stepped in to Captain Ross’ shoes – but before landing the iconic part, Aidan has confessed he’d never heard of Poldark! “I had no idea what Poldark was before I received the offer,” he revealed, “But 40 years is enough time to give it another go. Everyone from my mum and dad’s generation knew about it, but that kind of pressure is exciting.”

3. Bad news ladies – the new heartthrob is already spoken for. Aidan has been in a relationship with fellow Irish actor Sarah Greene for five years. Speaking about Sarah – who he first met working on a theatre production of Titus Andronicus – in 2013, he said: “She’s just finishing a play with Daniel Radcliffe on the West End, The Cripple of Inishmaan. She’s doing very well for herself. We’ve been going out for just over three years, everything is great.”

4. While his star is on rise, Aidan is keeping his feet firmly on the ground and likes nothing more than spending time at home in Ireland working on his secret hobby. “Mum has this huge garage out the back, it fits about 10 cars in it, so over the last six months I took it over and I built a pool hall,” Aidan laughed, “I have a couple of pool tables, a bar, a big sound system and a big screen, and I play a lot of pool, that’s what I’m doing when I should be focusing on my career!”

5. After his debut on the BBC show, Twitter went in to meltdown, with one fan even creating a parody account for Poldark’s hair. But in real life, Aidan has had the chop – something he’s been wanting to do for a while. “Every job I’ve done, back to theatre years ago, I’ve asked to chop my hair off. I’m running out of options with this hairstyle. I need to think of another avenue!”



With all the ‘Poldark’ premiere, lots of newspapers and media want to be part of it. Here’s an article from Mirror.

The Irish actor plays the title role in the BBC’s new interpretation of its classic 18th-century romp
Back in 1975, a sweeping saga set in Cornwall hit the small screen and became an instant cultural phenomenon. Based on the Poldark books by Winston Graham, it became one of the most successful British TV adaptations of all time.

The original Poldark ran for two series and starred Robin Ellis as the eponymous hero on horseback. It was sold to 40 different countries around the world and the video box sets were huge best-sellers.

Now, four decades later, the BBC have unleashed a brand spanking new interpretation of the 18th-century romp – this time with Aidan Turner as the swarthy people’s champion.

“It’s a huge honour to play such an iconic character,” says the 31-year-old Irish actor.

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Aidan posted some days ago a blog entry about the filming of Poldark.

Five things Poldark taught me
1. Filming can be really intensive
Being a lead in something means to fully commit yourself – just get up every morning and that’s all you’re doing all day, for six months and your head’s in it all the time. I quite like that. It’s nice to feel exhausted by it and I think I work better in those situations. You just don’t have time to think about anything else and you’re away from friends and family. It’s like a travelling circus! You’re on location and in new spots every day: at the side of a cliff one day or we’ve transformed Corsham into a market place another day and all you have is your cast and your crew.

2. You have to make sure you’re fit for the job

It’s prime time and BBC. I have a responsibility to show up every day, to try to not get sick and not get injured. I mean the very first scene on my very first day I was galloping on a horse – amazing but if I come off that horse and slip a disc, or if I roll an ankle playing football that’s going to shut down production. Are they going to hang on for me or are they going to recast? I think they’re going to recast! So I hold on for dear life and grab the reins!

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I added to the gallery some HD captures from last night Poldark’s episode. If you haven’t seen the episode and don’t want spoilers, I recommend you not to enter as it contains major ones.

Gallery Link:
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It looks like ‘Poldark’ was a real success.

New BBC costume drama Poldark debuted with 6.95 million viewers on average on Sunday night.

The show, starring Aidan Turner (Being Human, The Hobbit) and Eleanor Tomlinson (Jack the Giant Slayer), won the 9 p.m. time slot in Britain with its strong ratings, which amounted to a 29 percent share of people watching TV at the time.

The drama, a remake of a 1970s show, is about a soldier, presumed dead, who returns from war to find his estate in disarray.



To celebrate the premiere of Poldark tonight, I decided to order a brand new layout for both the site and gallery to Claudia, and this is the result, don’t you think it looks amazing?