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» About Aidan Turner

Does Aidan have an email address? Facebook? Twitter?
I’m sure, like many of us, he does have an email address. However, I do not have access to it nor would I give it away if I did. As of June 2011, Aidan does not have a public Facebook or Twitter that fans can use to contact him.

Does Aidan have a girlfriend/boyfriend?
Regardless of whether or not I am privy to such information, I am not willing to supply any answers for this or similar questions. It is Aidan’s personal life and not within my boundaries to discuss. If or when he talks about his relationship status, it’ll be at his own discretion.

How tall is Aidan?
He looks to be about 5’10, compared to other actors.

» General

Are you Aidan or affiliated with him?
No, I am not Aidan, nor do I have any contact with him, his friends/family, or representatives. I’m just a fan.

Can you forward a message to Aidan for me?
Unfortunately, I cannot. As I do not have contact with him, he will not see any messages sent to me. You can, however, try contacting him through his manager. For more information, please see here.

Has Aidan ever been to this site?
I’ve absolutely no idea. To my knowledge, he hasn’t.

Can I use pictures in the gallery for various graphics?
Absolutely. All images are there for the use and enjoyment of fans. Although it isn’t a requirement, I would also love to see anything you create. Additionally, if you’d love to donate content you’ve made for the site to host, I’d be more than happy to oblige.

Is it possible to advertise on this website?
No, it is not. All advertisements are run through The Fan Sites Network. If you’d like to advertise on all sites hosted there, you might be better off contacting Gertie.

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